Ants in my Samoas


Big crisis in the kitchen today… some ants found their way into our Samoas. You know Samoas, the 2nd best selling of all the Girl Scout Cookies (look out Thin Mints, Samoas are gaining on you!), they are my favorite. So there was our open box of Samoas, with about 2/3 of the cookies still remaining, but crawling with little black ants. We shook off each cookie and put them in a Ziploc baggie and wiped out those left on the box and the counter. But it was quickly apparent that many ants clung to the cookies and were in the Ziploc as well. So I got out a second Ziploc, and individually transferred each cookie, first giving it a good shake, and then moving it to the second baggie. I was left with one baggie full of angry ants (who met a ghastly ending I won’t describe here), and a second baggie full of ant-free and delicious Samoas. Or so it seemed.

Of course, all of this Samoa-exposure had me craving them, and despite spotting a few who had made it to the second baggie, I ate three or four of these yummy delights and then set the sealed baggie down by my chair. Well I get things were getting warm in the Samoa bag, or something was drawing the ants out of the nooks of the remaining cookies to see what was going on, because each time I glance at the bag there were increasing numbers of ants in the sealed bag. Lesson learned, shaking a Samoa is not an effective way of removing ants, there’s just too many nooks and crannies in the cookies for them to explore. But eat them anyway, you’re bigger and higher in the food chain, and it takes more than a few ants to spoil a Samoa.