Letter from Mrs. King

Here’s one from the correspondence files from many years ago. A friend worked at the Martin Luther King Federal Holiday Commission, and volunteers were needed for an event they held in DC. So I helped out, mostly to be able to hang out with a buddy. But I still got thanked by Mrs. King for the very very tiny part that I played in helping make today a holiday.  And I remember this tagline, “It’s a day ON, not a day off!”  I need to work on living up to that.


A Milestone and A Move

Next Tuesday I will reach a milestone at work. The day will mark my seven year anniversary working at NGP VAN (formerly NGP Software).  It’s appropriate that this anniversary should fall on Election Day, as that is the day that is the culmination of the efforts of myself and everyone else at NGP, year after year.  We live by the election cycle. Many months of effort build like a crecendo, with an outcome ultimately being decided by the voters on Election Day (and just sometimes by the Supreme Court).

My job at NGP was to build an Online Campaign team, providing website development and strategic services to Democratic candidates, parties, PACs, and other good guys and gals. Seven Election Days later, I look back with great pride at the work we’ve done and the people I’ve had the honor of working with.

But the time has come for a change, and I’m very excited to share that I’ve accepted a position as Director of Internet Strategy at Netcentric Campaigns where I’ll work providing progressive non-profits with strategic support in their online efforts and in building advocacy networks for social change. I’m very excited for such an opportunity that will take advantage of my skills and experience, while providing me the opportunity for professional growth, working in advocacy rather than for campaigns.

Wish me luck, and stay tuned…

Chris Casey – The Collected Works

It has recently occurred to me that although I have done quite a bit of writing over the years, that my works are scattered all over the Internet and that no convenient starting point exists to lead to them all. Not that anyone else but me is likely to care, but I am my own first audience when writing, and allowing even just myself to review my best efforts is well worth the effort to create such a catalog. And if anyone else should appreciate this collection of my writings, well that’s a wonderful bonus. This will be a work in progress and I will add new discoveries as I find them, and whenever possible will link to or post a copy of the work.

Generally, my writings fit into four general areas; Professional Articles, Humor/Life Experience Stories, Genealogy and Opinion PIeces.  For the purpose of this listing, I’m considering only published articles, contributed book chapters, or article length items from my own blog that I think stand out and could be of interest to reader’s beyond my meager blog readership. I’ve written scores of blog posts, and tweets, too numerous, brief and not worthy of this list which is intended to include only more significant writings.

First among all items in this column has to be my book, The Hill on the Net: Congress Enters the Information Age , published in May of 1996. I wrote this book mid-way through my eight year career as a Senate staffer, and described how Congress as an institution struggled with and eventually embraced the use of the Internet as a tool for communicating with constituents. For four years after my book was published, I wrote periodic updates about Congress and the Internet.

If you read any of this stuff, I thank you and hope you enjoy it.

Professional Articles

Networks, Information, Engagement & Truth
/6/2015, Netcentric Campaigns Blog

20 Years Ago Today – Sen. Kennedy Announces 1st Congressional Website
/4/2014, ePolitics

Campaigning on the Internet: A Practitioner’s View (contributed chapter)
8/3/2010, The Electoral Challenge: Theory Meets Practice, 2nd Edition

CyberTed’s Legacy Lives On
8/31/2009, PoliticsOnline (now archived here on this blog)

Campaign Web Sites, The Morning After
11/3/2008, ePolitics

Viral Politics: The Power of e Campaigning (contributed chapter)

Top Ten Milestones for Congress on the Internet
5/4/01, American University Forum on Congress and the Internet

Net Campaign 2000 (contributed chapter)
1/2001, Elections in the age of the Internet, The Hansard Society

Lessons from the US (contributed chapter)
10/2000,  e-guide for parliamentarians, The Hansard Society

The Senate’s New Online Majority, Part II
4/1/1996, CMC Magazine

The Senate’s New Online Majority
10/1/1995, CMC Magazine

Washington Online
12/1993, The Journal of the Boston Computer Society


Humor/Life Experiences

8/8/2001, Casey Blog

Lesson’s Learned in a Rat Suit
6/26/1998, Casey Blog

The ATM from Hell
11/12/1995, Casey Blog



In The Baggage Coach Ahead
12/31/2007, Casey Blog

Where Victor Met Rose
5/1/2006, Casey Blog

Family Hunting: Three Levels of Info
11/17/2004, Casey Blog



My Right’s Aren’t A Matter of Address
1/22/2006, The Washington Post

My Team

Last month I reached my 4-year anniversary working as Director of Online Campaigns at NGP Software, where our small team does what we can to help Democrats and their allies with their online campaign efforts. During that time we’ve built a *few web sites, managed a few online campaigns, won a few awards, helped a few Democrats get elected, and had a few laughs. I’m very proud of our team and the work we do, and looking forward to much more of the same to come.


* lots and lots

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