20 Years Ago Today – Sen. Kennedy Announces 1st Congressional Website

At it’s current rate of growth it is expected at at some point this month, June of 2014, the number of websites on the Internet will surpass the one billion mark. The first website was launched on August 6, 1991 by the inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners Lee.  By mid-1994 there were 2,738 websites on the Web. And by the end of that year there were more than 10,000.

On June 2, 1994, the office of Senator Kennedy released a press release announcing the launch of their official website, the first for any member of Congress. It was developed and hosted by the Artificial Intelligence Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The same release shared a public email address for the Senator, joining just a handful of Senators accepting email from the public by that point. And it also detailed the Senator’s previous means of online outreach to his constituents, including a network of dial up bulletin boards, ftp and gopher servers, and postings in Usenet newsgroups.

Press release announcing the launch of Sen. Kennedy’s website, June 2, 1994.
The June 2, 1994 press release announcing the launch of Sen. Kennedy's website. 940602_emk_web_pr-page-002

Being old enough to remember, and being able to remember, are two different things. And it’s truly difficult to recall the World Wide Web in mid-1994. Before Amazon.com, craigslist and eBay. Before Netflix, Google or PayPal. Before Whitehouse.gov, and only shortly after Yahoo. Every baby born since is arriving into a much more webbed world than their parents ever imagined. Every minute of the day approximately 255 babies are born world wide. And in that same minute on the World Wide Web, approximately 571 new websites are created.

When the Senate’s own website was launched almost a year and a half later in October 1995, Senator John Warner of Virginia, then chairman of the Senate Rules Committee, thanked the many staff of the Rules Committee and Sergeant at Arms and Secretary’s offices involved in the effort. And he also included, “Additional thanks to many of those Senators and their high-technology staff members who were early adopters of this emerging technology, and who indeed gave us the impetus to move forward to this day.”

Twenty years ago today I was 28 years old, and working for Sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts as his Systems Administrator. I was excited by the possibilities of exploring the intersection of technology and politics, and I was very fortunate to collaborate with others much smarter than myself to push the boundaries of what had yet been done. Jeff Hecker, Jock Gill, John Mallery, Eric Loeb, and Laura Quinn were the firsts among so many others I’ve been able to work with over more than 20 years in online politics, and I’m very grateful to each of them.

The first long distance telegraph message from the U.S. Capitol was sent by its inventor Samuel Morse, asking his recipient the deep question, “What hath God wrought?”. He didn’t get an answer, but a question in reply, “What is the news from Washington?”. Today, much of the news from Washington comes from our modern telegraph, the Internet. How will it arrive in another 20 years, or another 100?

When Senator Kennedy passed away in 2009, I wrote this remembrance about his impact on online politics. If he had not become the first member of Congress on the web 20 years ago, some other member would eventually have been some time later. But Kennedy was, and among the very many much larger accomplishments in his long career in public service, it’s still one worth remembering.

Walk Hard Beer Tasting – April 2014

All About the Stout!
Icon & Beer name links to Untappd
Brewery name links to Brewery’s beer page
Beer Advocate links to BA Ratings page

icon-untappd-32pxGuinness Extra Stout
ABV: 6.00%
Beer Advocate Score: 84

icon-untappd-32pxGuinness Foreign Extra Stout
ABV: 7.50%
Beer Advocate Score: 91

icon-untappd-32pxGuinness Draught
ABV: 4.20%
Beer Advocate Score: 79

icon-untappd-32pxChocolate Stout
ABV: 5.30%
Fort Collins Brewery
Beer Advocate Score: 79

icon-untappd-32pxRevival Oyster Stout
ABV: 5.50%
Port City Brewing
Beer Advocate Score: 87

icon-untappd-32pxDuck Rabbit Milk Stout
ABV: 5.70%
Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery
Beer Advocate Score: 86

icon-untappd-32pxShakespeare Oatmeal Stout
ABV: 6.10%
Rogue Ales
Beer Advocate Score: 93

Winner – 2013 World Beer Awards, Best Oatmeal Stout

icon-untappd-32pxImperial Stout
ABV: 7.0%
Samuel Smith Old Brewery
Beer Advocate Score: 93

icon-untappd-32pxIrish Whiskey Cask
ABV: 7.4%
Innis & Gunn
Beer Advocate Score: 85

Winner – Gold Medal in the International Beer Challenge 2012

icon-untappd-32pxOak Aged Mocha Stout
ABV: 8.4%
Peak Organic Brewing Company
Beer Advocate Score: 86

icon-untappd-32pxOld Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout
ABV: 9.0%
North Coast Brewing Company
Beer Advocate Score: 96

icon-untappd-32pxCappuccino Stout
ABV: 9.2%
Lagunitas Brewing Company
Beer Advocate Score: 87

TABLED to not waste a growler full
icon-untappd-32pxColossal One
ABV: 9.5%
Port City Brewing Company
Beer Advocate Score: 87

ABV: 10.0%
Southern Tier Brewing
Beer Advocate Score: 95

icon-untappd-32pxRussian Imperial Stout (2014)
ABV: 10.5%
Stone Brewing
Beer Advocate Score: 97

Take it Home Rick
icon-untappd-32pxSidamo Coffee Stout
ABV: 9.3%
Hardywood Brewing Company
Beer Advocate Score: 87

GRAND FINALE! (and door prize!)
icon-untappd-32pxCookie Stout
ABV: ?

Casey’s Brews

Dumping Coins

Washed and ready for refilling

Washed and ready for refilling

For many many years, since I was a kid, I’ve kept a coin jar for collecting loose change. Piggy banks are boring, you can’t see what they hold inside! Coin jars rock. You can see your hoarded coins accumulate and shake them around hunting for the right coin to suit your needs. My jars sit in my closet, and each day I add whatever silver is in my pocket to the smaller of the two jars, and segregate pennies into the larger jar. The silver jar sees a lot of traffic, both in and out, as the whole family would routinely fish for quarters to help pay for a day’s lunch or bus fare. But the pennies just accumulated. Once in the jar, there’s never any real reason for a penny to come back out. Until today.

Today I acted on a notion that I had since the start of the year, that maybe it’s time to dump the coins, turn them into more practical funds, and give each jar a fresh start. So here’s how that went.

First, upon hearing of my plan, daughter Colleen asked if she could first help herself to quarters from the silver jar. I dumped the jar and gave her some time to hunt and gather quarters as I bagged the rest of the coins. She managed to scoop up $11 in the process. The remaining silver and all of the pennies, now dumped into plastic bags for transport, headed to the local grocery with me for tallying in the Coinstar machine. Now back in the day, I remember the burdensome chore of getting paper coin rolls, carefully counting out all of your coins and rolling them, and then having to write your bank account number on every single roll, just so you could deposit them in the bank and make some use of your excess coinage. It was a lot of work and hassle, and that’s probably why I haven’t bothered in so long. Coinstar machines will sort and tally your coins for you, and then you have three options; receive a cash voucher (after a 10.9% fee), or without fees you can get the full amount on a gift card, or donate the full amount to charity. But I was in this for the cash, and figured the fee was worth it.

I'm not certain, but I think this is a LOT of money somewhere!

I’m not certain, but I think this is a LOT of money somewhere!

Here’s my tally:

$ 6.50 – 26 Quarters
$25.90 – 259 Dimes
$ 7.50 – 150 Nickels
$21.79 – 2,179 Pennies
$61.69 Total
$ 6.72 Service Fee
$54.97 Cash


There were a few coins rejected by the Coinstar machine, all legitimately so. They were 10 Japanese Yen, 1/2 Swiss Franc, 1 Czech Koruna, and 2 Irish Cents.

I did a bit of shopping with my newly flush wallet. And then at home, I gave both of my coin jars a nice scrubbing, and filled them each with my newly acquired change totaling $1.33. That was after spotting I had a commemorative issue Virgin Islands Quarter which was removed for placement in one of our state quarter collection folders.

The idea occurs to me too late for this year, but in 2015 I’ll plan on starting the year with empty jars in order to tally exactly how much pocket change I accumulate in a year. That will be exciting won’t it?? Stay tuned! (and hope I remember).


What does it mean when White Punks on Dope has become an oldie? Shit, I dunno. My big bro was introduced to them in college (Thanks Cormack!), and brought them home to baby brother. They were a band for rebellious teens to love and parents to hate. I had one of these stickers on my Bel Air.

'80s era KLOS promotion sticker for The Tubes

’80s era KLOS promotion sticker for The Tubes

Quay LewdThe Tubes have never been a typical rock show. They are a theatrical experience, with props and costume changes that immerse you in the performance of a song in ways your ears alone never could. I ‘think’ I’ve only seen The Tubes once before (my memory sometimes fails me), no wait… definitely at least twice (mental images of different stage perspectives have confirmed). Whatever, it would have been in the early ’80s, following the release of their album The Completion Backwards Principle. I remember the concert with elaborate costumes used in the numbers for Sushi Girl, Sports Fans (with the Tubes Cheerleaders, including Cynthia Rhodes of Flashdance/Dirty Dancing fame), and Mondo Bondage. But the moment everyone in the audience was really waiting for was the appearance of Quay Lewd, a persona adopted by Tubes lead singer Fee Waybill, most typically when performing their most memorable anthem, White Punks on Dope.

I dragged my friend TJ to see The Tubes in DC at The Hamilton last night. He understood that for me the opportunity to see the Tubes again was a ‘must see’ concert, and also that among my friends he was most likely to be able to appreciate them. The Hamilton is a beautiful new DC restaurant and live music venue just a block from the White House. I was their once before for a free jazz show when they first opened, but this was my first time seeing an act I meant to see. The venue, food, drink and service are top notch. Go there. It did feel a bit odd to be sitting at a table for a show, rather than spending the whole time on your feet as is often typical. But somehow being seated seems to sap some energy. When the Tubes took the stage, it was to an uncomfortably quiet room, not able to manage the energy to maintain an anticipatory chant of ‘Tubes!’. But mine wasn’t the only balding head in the room, on the contrary, we were in the majority. And one nearby table had a fans walker propped against the table.

But a small crowd and aging act and audience didn’t diminish seeing The Tubes live again at all. Fee still dons a variety of costumes as expected for each song, and Roger still rocks his guitar with every bit as much energy as back in the day. My favorite Tubes album is 1979’s Remote Control, songs from which were notably absent from their setlist for the night. But there were many bonuses, not least of which was learning a little Virginia Music history when I looked into the background of the instrument ‘Rumble’ that they covered, and the opportunity to meet the band after the show.

I managed a couple of video snippets during the show, attempting to catch WPOD from the start. I ended up instead getting his intro, and then just the beginning of the song before my iPhone self-censored and shut down. It was the best I could do, but you had to be there.

Thanks Tubes! Hope I see you again.

The Specials

“If you were 16 in 1979, the Specials were easy peasy lemon squeezy the greatest band on the planet. If you’re 46 in 2013, nothings changed.”

That’s what is says on the Twitter account for one of my favorite bands, The Specials. Well in 1979 I was 14, and now in 2013 I’m on the eve of my 48th birthday. So while their math is wrong, the sentiment is right, nothing’s changed. I was introduced to Ska music through the 1981 multi-act concert film ‘Dance Craze‘, a movie which opened and closed with The Specials, and also introduced me to favorites The English Beat and Madness.

Seeing The Specials live tonight was a major ‘bucket list’ concert for me. I came close to skipping, overcoming my evil apathetic instincts to drag myself and my ever patient wife to Maryland to see one of my favorite bands of all time. But I realized that I may never get a chance again to see them, so I had better damn well seize the moment now. So glad that I did!

Here’s what they played:

Do the Dog
Dawning of a New Era
It’s Up to You
Monkey Man
Concrete Jungle
Blank Expression
Rat Race
Hey Little Rich Girl
It Doesn’t Make It Alright
Friday Night, Saturday Morning
Man at C & A
Do Nothing
A Message to You Rudy
Nite Klub
Little Bitch
Too Much Too Young
Enjoy Yourself

Ghost Town
You’re Wondering Now

And here’s a couple of iPhone snippets…

A Message to You Rudy

Nite Klub – audience sing-a-long

Binder Clip iPhone Stand

A simple, cheap and functional stand for your phone.

A simple, cheap and functional stand for your phone.

The alarm clock on my dresser seems to be getting farther away. In the middle of the night, or first thing in the morning, without my glasses on, I have absolutely zero chance of decoding the greenish blur that I see into anything that resembles numbers. I need a clock closer to my bed. And I already have one! My iPhone, which is always at home on my nightstand as I sleep, recharging for the day ahead. But with the phone laying flat, a quick glance at the time with head on pillow ain’t easy. I needed a stand.

Search online and you’ll find you can easily spend from $5 to $25 for one. Happily I found an easier option for the price of two large binder clips from my desk. My thanks to this guy for showing me the way!

Tracking Beers with Untappd

Chris on UntappdI will be the first to admit that I frequently demonstrate symptoms of OCD. It’s not crippling, or anything weird, but I frequently like to count and categorize things. In some cases it can be useful, for example it has added to my success and enjoyment of constructing my family tree. Other times, it serves no purpose at all other than to satisfy my own curiousity. That was the case when I spent a day  counting and categorizing my t-shirts, just so I could understand the big picture of my t-shirt collection. Or when I  took a photo of myself (almost) everyday for a year in order to make a short movie..

I also love technology and gadgets. And in the age of the iPhone, I’m a fan of many apps that allow me to check-into locations, track my runs, sort my music, and find my friends.

For the last two years, one app in particular has especially caught my imagination, bringing my love of tracking the mundaneness of daily life crashing into my love of gadgets, with another of my loves, beer. That app is called Untappd, and it’s a must have for any curious beer lover with a smart phone. For me, using Untappd has greatly enhanced my appreciation of beer. It has driven me to explore a broader variety of styles, visit breweries, bars and other places to imbibe, seek out new ‘distinct beers’ that I’ve never had before (at least since I started tracking them), to enjoy all of that socially with other beer loving friends on Untappd. Sometimes this quest for unique beers can be daunting. My wife rolls her eyes at me at every restaurant visit, as I quickly compare their beer offerings with my history on Untappd, looking for something new. And she has spent countless extra hours waiting for me as I peruse the beer section of the grocery store, like an indecisive kid at a candy counter. Once, when I brought home a six-pack of some very sub-par beer from the store, she asked, “I thought you loved good beer, why would you buy that?”. And she again rolled eyes as I explained that I needed to drink bad beer in order to be able to appreciate good beer, and besides, it was one that I had yet to check into on Untappd.

When Untapped added the ability to post photos with your beer check-ins, my worlds collided again. I’m well known for being my own favorite photo subject, and what better to join me in a picture than the beer I’m currently drinking and checking in? And having recently collected 500 such beer self-portraits, the occasion called for another movie starring me, straightforwardly titled 500 Beers.

All this beer drinking has also led me to revisit the hobby of home-brewing that I dabbled in for a few years in the mid-90s. The enjoyment of sharing your own home brew with friends is better still when it can be shared via Untappd. So get to know me, and if I have any to spare I will happy share with you a truly unique beer check-in courtesy of Casey’s Brews.

500 Beers

500 beers

  1. Coors Original, Coors Brewing Company
  2. Sah’tea, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
  3. Oktoberfest, Great Lakes Brewing Company
  4. Budweiser, Anheuser-Busch (ABInBev)
  5. Pilsner Urquell, Plzensky Prazdroj (SAB Miller)
  6. IPA, Lakefront Brewery
  7. Oasis, Tallgrass Brewing Company
  8. Pumpkin Ale, Kennebunkport Brewing Company
  9. 60 Minute IPA, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
  10. Shiner Bock, Spoetzl Brewery
  11. Snow Day, New Belgium Brewing Company
  12. Indian Brown Ale, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
  13. Rumpkin, Avery Brewing Company
  14. Leffe Blonde, Abbaye de Leffe (ABInBev)
  15. Winter White Ale, Bell’s Brewery
  16. Heineken, Heineken
  17. Mandolin, Blue Mountain Brewery
  18. Samuel Adams Black & Brew Coffee Stout, Boston Beer Company
  19. Samuel Adams Boston Lager, Boston Beer Company
  20. Sisters Of The Moon, Mother Earth Brewing (NC)
  21. Estate Homegrown Ale, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
  22. Firehouse Amber, McNeill’s Brewery
  23. Foster’s Lager, Foster’s Group Limited
  24. Belgo IPA, New Belgium Brewing Company
  25. Drifter Pale Ale, Widmer Brothers Brewing
  26. Celebration Ale (2011), Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
  27. Extra Special Ale (ESA), Yards Brewing Company
  28. Kellerweis, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
  29. Strawberry Wheat Beer, Lancaster Brewing Company
  30. Woodchuck Granny Smith Hard Cider, Woodchuck Cidery
  31. Porter, Bell’s Brewery
  32. Star Island Single, Smuttynose Brewing Company
  33. Harvest Ale, Southern Tier Brewing Company
  34. Amber Ale, Bell’s Brewery
  35. Lionshead Deluxe Pilsner Beer, The Lion Brewery
  36. Shiner Blonde, Spoetzl Brewery
  37. Shiner Old-Time Alt, Spoetzl Brewery
  38. Shiner Kosmos Reserve, Spoetzl Brewery
  39. Shiner Bohemian Black Lager (Shiner 97), Spoetzl Brewery
  40. Honey Crisp, Crispin Cider Company
  41. Double White, Southampton Publick House
  42. Raspberry Wheat, Southern Tier Brewing Company
  43. Premium Lager, Grolsch Bierbrouwerij N.V.
  44. Best Brown Ale, Bell’s Brewery
  45. Boxcar Pumpkin Porter, Starr Hill Brewing Company
  46. Hopsecutioner IPA, Terrapin Beer Company
  47. Dominion Lager, Old Dominion Brewing Company
  48. White Rascal, Avery Brewing Company
  49. Pale Ale, Bell’s Brewery
  50. Schaefer, Pabst Brewing Company
  51. Shiner Holiday Cheer, Spoetzl Brewery
  52. Chicory Stout, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
  53. Samuel Adams Tasman Red, Boston Beer Company
  54. Batch No. 11, Olde Richmond Beer Company
  55. Our Special Ale 2011 (Christmas Ale), Anchor Brewing Company
  56. Infinium (2011), Boston Beer Company
  57. Magners Irish Cider, Magners (C&C Group plc)
  58. Trader Joe’s Vintage Ale (2011), Unibroue
  59. Union Jack IPA, Firestone Walker Brewing Company
  60. Samuel Adams Third Voyage, Boston Beer Company
  61. Blue Moon Grand Cru, Coors Brewing Company
  62. Iron City Beer, Pittsburgh Brewing Company
  63. Woodpecker Cider, H.P. Bulmers
  64. Boont Amber Ale, Anderson Valley Brewing Company
  65. Rare Vos, Brewery Ommegang
  66. Blue Moon Mountain Abbey Ale, Coors Brewing Company
  67. Immort Ale (2011), Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
  68. Pearl Jam Twenty Faithfull Ale, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
  69. Samuel Adams Old Fezziwig Ale, Boston Beer Company
  70. Harpoon Dark, Harpoon Brewery
  71. Fireside Nut Brown, Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company
  72. DreamWeaver Wheat, Tröegs Brewing Company
  73. HopBack Amber Ale, Tröegs Brewing Company
  74. Scratch 55 – Double IPA, Tröegs Brewing Company
  75. Irish Style Lager, Rogue Ales
  76. 90 Minute IPA, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
  77. Golden Monkey, Victory Brewing Company
  78. Three Philosophers (2011), Brewery Ommegang
  79. Sorachi Ace, Brooklyn Brewery
  80. Hennepin Farmhouse Saison, Brewery Ommegang
  81. Gnomegang, Brewery Ommegang
  82. Stone Cali-Belgique IPA, Stone Brewing Company
  83. Doc’s Draft Hard Apple Cider, Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery
  84. K-9 Cruiser Winter Ale, Flying Dog Brewery
  85. State Pen Porter, Santa Fe Brewing Company
  86. Olde Richmond Batch No. 4 Brown Ale, Olde Richmond Beer Company
  87. Cappuccino Stout, Lagunitas Brewing Company
  88. Woodchuck Winter Hard Cider, Woodchuck Cidery
  89. Stone Ruination IPA, Stone Brewing Company
  90. Winter Warmer, Harpoon Brewery
  91. Hop Wallop, Victory Brewing Company
  92. Two Hearted Ale, Bell’s Brewery
  93. Thomas Jefferson’s Tavern Ale, Yards Brewing Company
  94. Nut Brown Ale, Santa Fe Brewing Company
  95. Yellow Snow IPA, Rogue Ales
  96. Fresh Hop India Pale Ale (Lips of Faith), New Belgium Brewing Company
  97. Mission St. Brown Ale, Steinhaus Brewing Company
  98. In-Heat Wheat, Flying Dog Brewery
  99. Otter Creek Stovepipe Porter, Otter Creek Brewing (Otter Creek, Wolaver’s)
  100. Otter Creek Copper Ale, Otter Creek Brewing (Otter Creek, Wolaver’s)
  101. Staropramen Premium Prague Lager, Pivovary Staropramen
  102. Hop Hog IPA, Lancaster Brewing Company
  103. Phin & Matt’s Extraordinary Ale, Southern Tier Brewing Company
  104. Old Scratch Amber Lager, Flying Dog Brewery
  105. Michelob Original Lager, Anheuser-Busch (ABInBev)
  106. Budweiser Select 55, Anheuser-Busch (ABInBev)
  107. A Little Sumpin’ Wild Ale, Lagunitas Brewing Company
  108. Samuel Adams Alpine Spring, Boston Beer Company
  109. Warsteiner Premium Verum, Warsteiner Brauerei
  110. IPA, Lagunitas Brewing Company
  111. Shiner Dortmunder Style Spring Ale, Spoetzl Brewery
  112. Ace Joker Cider, Ace Cider (The California Cider Company)
  113. Dig, New Belgium Brewing Company
  114. IPA, Southern Tier Brewing Company
  115. 422 Pale Wheat Ale, Southern Tier Brewing Company
  116. Exile ESB, Evolution Craft Brewing Company
  117. Organic Best Ale, Samuel Smith Old Brewery (Tadcaster)
  118. Mission St. Hefeweizen, Steinhaus Brewing Company
  119. Wells Banana Bread Beer, Wells & Young’s Brewing Co
  120. Heavy Seas Märzen, Heavy Seas Beer
  121. Foster’s Premium Ale, Foster’s Group Limited
  122. Washington’s Porter, Williamsburg AleWerks
  123. Wild Blue Blueberry Lager, Anheuser-Busch (ABInBev)
  124. Hop Stoopid, Lagunitas Brewing Company
  125. Winter Ale, Brooklyn Brewery
  126. Headwaters Pale Ale, Victory Brewing Company
  127. Eliot Ness, Great Lakes Brewing Company
  128. Porkslap Pale Ale , Butternuts Beer & Ale
  129. Fire Rock Pale Ale, Kona Brewing Company
  130. Ruthless Rye IPA (2012), Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
  131. Erdinger Pikantus, Erdinger Weissbräu
  132. Chesapeake Pale Ale, Williamsburg AleWerks
  133. Denver Pale Ale (DPA), Great Divide Brewing Company
  134. Pale Ale, Long Trail Brewing Company
  135. Millennium, Old Dominion Brewing Company
  136. Budweiser Select, Anheuser-Busch (ABInBev)
  137. Sol, Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma (Heineken)
  138. Red’s Rye PA, Founders Brewing Company
  139. Weihenstephaner Kristallweissbier, Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan
  140. Erdinger Weißbier / Hefe-Weizen, Erdinger Weissbr√§u
  141. Corona Extra, Grupo Modelo S.A. de C.V.
  142. Weihenstephaner Korbinian, Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan
  143. Julius Echter Hefe-Weiss, Würzburger Hofbräu
  144. Stella Artois, Stella Artois (ABInBev)
  145. Pick Axe IPA, Tommyknocker Brewery
  146. Aris, Mythos Brewery (Carlsberg Group)
  147. Walker’s Reserve Porter, Firestone Walker Brewing Company
  148. Tripel, Allagash Brewing Company
  149. Old Man Winter Ale, Southern Tier Brewing Company
  150. Molson XXX, Molson Coors Canada
  151. Hopslam Ale, Bell’s Brewery
  152. Harp Lager, Guinness
  153. Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock, Boston Beer Company
  154. O’Hara’s Irish Red, Carlow Brewing
  155. Delirium Tremens, Brouwerij Huyghe
  156. Guinness Extra Stout, Guinness
  157. Apricot Ale, Pyramid Breweries
  158. Vinyl, Magic Hat Brewing Company
  159. Guinness Draught, Guinness
  160. Smithwick’s Irish Ale, Guinness
  161. Cobra Premium, Cobra Beer (Molson Coors)
  162. Biere De Mars (Lips of Faith), New Belgium Brewing Company
  163. Wilco Tango Foxtrot (WTF), Lagunitas Brewing Company
  164. Black Toad, Trader Joe’s (JosephsBrau)
  165. UnderDog Atlantic Lager, Flying Dog Brewery
  166. Samuel Adams Griffin’s Bow, Boston Beer Company
  167. Corona Familiar, Grupo Modelo S.A. de C.V.
  168. Tire Bite, Flying Dog Brewery
  169. Hitachino Nest White Ale, Kiuchi Brewery
  170. Eight Point IPA, Devils Backbone Brewing Company
  171. Samuel Adams East-West Kölsch, Boston Beer Company
  172. Samuel Adams Noble Pils, Boston Beer Company
  173. Samuel Adams Belgian Session, Boston Beer Company
  174. Long Trail Ale, Long Trail Brewing Company
  175. Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat, Boston Beer Company
  176. Elder Betty, Magic Hat Brewing Company
  177. Aprihop, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
  178. Road Dog Porter, Flying Dog Brewery
  179. Somersault, New Belgium Brewing Company
  180. Grisette Blanche, Brasserie St-Feuillien
  181. 1664, Brasseries Kronenbourg (Carlsberg Group)
  182. Wildeman Farmhouse IPA, Flying Dog Brewery
  183. Shift, New Belgium Brewing Company
  184. Clementine, Clown Shoes
  185. S.O.S. (Save Our Shore), Abita Brewing Company
  186. Heinnieweisse Weissebier, Butternuts Beer & Ale
  187. CoCoNut PorTeR, Maui Brewing Company
  188. Jockamo IPA, Abita Brewing Company
  189. Blue Moon Agave Nectar Ale, Coors Brewing Company
  190. Terra Incognita – Savor 2012 Ale, Boulevard Brewing Company
  191. Blue Moon Rounder Belgian Style Pale, Coors Brewing Company
  192. Summertime, Goose Island Beer Company
  193. Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat, Coors Brewing Company
  194. Pistil, Magic Hat Brewing Company
  195. Amber Ale, The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery
  196. Carolina Blonde, Foothills Brewing
  197. Southern Pale Ale, Natty Greene’s Brewing Company
  198. Hell or High Watermelon, 21st Amendment Brewery
  199. Stone Levitation Ale, Stone Brewing Company
  200. Schneider Weisse Unser Aventinus (TAP6), Weissbierbrauerei G. Schneider & Sohn
  201. Samuel Adams Whitewater IPA, Boston Beer Company
  202. Blue Moon Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale, Coors Brewing Company
  203. Apollo, Sixpoint Brewery
  204. Summer Ale, Brooklyn Brewery
  205. Sink The Bismarck!, BrewDog
  206. Bavik Pils, Brouwerij Bavik
  207. Brooklyn Pilsner, Brooklyn Brewery
  208. Octoberfest, Harpoon Brewery
  209. Michelob Amber Bock, Anheuser-Busch (ABInBev)
  210. Red Hoptober, New Belgium Brewing Company
  211. Starr Pils, Starr Hill Brewing Company
  212. Summer Solstice, Anderson Valley Brewing Company
  213. SummerBright Ale, Breckenridge Brewery
  214. Santa Cruz Brown Ale, Epic Brewing Company (Utah)
  215. Riverdriver Hazelnut Porter, Sea Dog Brewing Company
  216. Summer of Lager, Cisco Brewers Inc.
  217. Blue Paw Blueberry Wheat Ale, Shipyard Emporium (Florida)
  218. Punkin Ale, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
  219. Hitachino Nest Japanese Classic Ale, Kiuchi Brewery
  220. Hoptical Illusion, Blue Point Brewing Company
  221. Lucifer, Brouwerij Het Anker
  222. Okto Festival Ale, Widmer Brothers Brewing
  223. Coors Light, Coors Brewing Company
  224. Drake Tail IPA, Williamsburg AleWerks
  225. Commodore Perry IPA, Great Lakes Brewing Company
  226. Lucky U IPA, Breckenridge Brewery
  227. Ellie’s Brown Ale, Avery Brewing Company
  228. The Poet, New Holland Brewing Company
  229. National Bohemian, Pabst Brewing Company
  230. UFO Pumpkin, Harpoon Brewery
  231. Harvest, Long Trail Brewing Company
  232. Shiner Prickly Pear, Spoetzl Brewery
  233. Woodchuck Fall Limited Release Hard Cider, Woodchuck Cidery
  234. Resin, Sixpoint Brewery
  235. Beer Camp #45 Oatmeal Stout, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
  236. Beer Camp #65 Imperial Red Ale, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
  237. Beer Camp #53 Floral IPA, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
  238. Beer Camp #43 Imperial Pilsner, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
  239. Samuel Adams Stony Brook Red, Boston Beer Company
  240. Roscoe’s Hop House Pale Ale, Roscoe’s Hop House
  241. Big Wave Golden Ale, Kona Brewing Company
  242. Brownstone, Sixpoint Brewery
  243. Icehouse, Miller Brewing Company
  244. Woodchuck Amber Hard Cider, Woodchuck Cidery
  245. Pumpkinhead Ale, Shipyard Brewing Company
  246. Tangerine Wheat, Lost Coast Brewery
  247. Woodchuck Hard Cider Private Reserve Pumpkin, Woodchuck Cidery
  248. Humming Ale, Anchor Brewing Company
  249. 400 Pound Monkey, Left Hand Brewing Company
  250. Pecan Harvest Ale, Abita Brewing Company
  251. Northern Hemisphere Harvest Wet Hop Ale, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
  252. Hop Strike Black IPA, Tommyknocker Brewery
  253. Gonzo Imperial Porter, Flying Dog Brewery
  254. Newcastle Werewolf, Caledonian (Heineken)
  255. Coney Island Sword Swallower, Shmaltz Brewing Company
  256. DayTime Fractional IPA, Lagunitas Brewing Company
  257. Perpetual IPA, Tröegs Brewing Company
  258. Maximus, Lagunitas Brewing Company
  259. Brrr Seasonal Ale, Widmer Brothers Brewing
  260. Hops Infusion, Weyerbacher Brewing Company
  261. Burning River Pale Ale, Great Lakes Brewing Company
  262. Mad Elf, Tröegs Brewing Company
  263. Racer 5 IPA®, Bear Republic Brewing Company
  264. Henry Weinhard’s Woodland Pass IPA, Blitz-Weinhard Brewing Company
  265. Belgian White, Roscoe’s Hop House
  266. Roscoe’s Hop House Amber Ale, Roscoe’s Hop House
  267. Winter Solstice, Anderson Valley Brewing Company
  268. Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR), Pabst Brewing Company
  269. Samuel Adams White Christmas, Boston Beer Company
  270. True Blonde Ale, Ska Brewing
  271. Shock Top End Of The World Midnight Wheat, Anheuser-Busch (ABInBev)
  272. Bud Light Platinum, Anheuser-Busch (ABInBev)
  273. Torpedo Extra IPA, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
  274. Turbodog, Abita Brewing Company
  275. Harvest Ale, Goose Island Beer Company
  276. Samuel Adams Holiday Porter, Boston Beer Company
  277. Woodchuck Crisp Hard Cider, Woodchuck Cidery
  278. Brown Shugga’, Lagunitas Brewing Company
  279. Scythe & Sickle, Brewery Ommegang
  280. Grateful Harvest Cranberry Ale, Harpoon Brewery
  281. Sofie (2012), Goose Island Beer Company
  282. Sapporo Premium Beer, Sapporo Breweries
  283. Asahi Super Dry, Asahi Breweries
  284. Light, Kirin Brewery Company
  285. Hitachino Nest Commemorative Ale (2012), Kiuchi Brewery
  286. Beegle Brothers Honey Ale, Casey’s Brews
  287. Sparkling Ale, Coopers Brewery Limited
  288. Hop Mountain, Old Dominion Brewing Company
  289. Point Amber Classic, Stevens Point Brewery
  290. Samuel Adams Winter Lager, Boston Beer Company
  291. 10th Anniversary Utopias (2012), Boston Beer Company
  292. Hitachino Nest Nipponia, Kiuchi Brewery
  293. Blowing Rock IPA, Boone Brewing Company
  294. Miller Genuine Draft Light 64″>Miller Brewing Company
  295. Woodchuck Hard Cider Private Reserve Barrel Select, Woodchuck Cidery
  296. Hitachino Nest Real Ginger Ale, Kiuchi Brewery
  297. Original Pale Ale, Coopers Brewery Limited
  298. Redmarker Ale, Williamsburg AleWerks
  299. Beach House, Old Dominion Brewing Company
  300. Hop Pocket Ale, Tuppers Hop Pocket Brewing Company
  301. Avalanche Amber Ale, Breckenridge Brewery
  302. James Boag’s Premium Lager, J. Boag & Son Brewing (Lion Nathan)
  303. Nastro Azzurro, Birra Peroni
  304. Best Extra Stout, Coopers Brewery Limited
  305. Virginia Apple, Bold Rock Cidery
  306. 2XMAS, Southern Tier Brewing Company
  307. Vanilla Porter, Breckenridge Brewery
  308. Our Special Ale 2012 (Christmas Ale), Anchor Brewing Company
  309. Snowdrift Vanilla Porter, Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company
  310. Saranac White IPA, The Matt Brewing Company (Saranac)
  311. Heart of Darkness, Magic Hat Brewing Company
  312. Fresh Hop India Pale Ale (Lips of Faith), New Belgium Brewing Company
  313. Christmas Ale (2012), Goose Island Beer Company
  314. Midwestern Pale Ale, Bell’s Brewery
  315. Kilt Flasher, Devils Backbone Brewing Company
  316. Lot No. 3 IPA, Evolution Craft Brewing Company
  317. Local Species, Blue Mountain Brewery
  318. Providential Belgian-Style Golden Ale, Trader Joe’s (JosephsBrau)
  319. Dominion Baltic Porter, Old Dominion Brewing Company
  320. Cabin Fever Brown Ale, New Holland Brewing Company
  321. Otter Creek Black IPA, Otter Creek Brewing (Otter Creek, Wolaver’s)
  322. Christmas Ale, Breckenridge Brewery
  323. Santa’s Private Reserve Ale, Rogue Ales
  324. Fantôme de Noël, Brasserie Fant√¥me
  325. 75 Minute IPA, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
  326. Tidings Ale, Port City Brewing
  327. Delirium Noël, Brouwerij Huyghe
  328. He’Brew Jewbelation Sweet 16″>Shmaltz Brewing Company
  329. Chimay Rouge (Première), Bières de Chimay (Abbaye Notre Dame de Scourmont)
  330. Chimay Blanche (Cinq Cents), Bières de Chimay (Abbaye Notre Dame de Scourmont)
  331. Local 1″>Brooklyn Brewery
  332. Bikini Blonde Lager, Maui Brewing Company
  333. Big Swell IPA, Maui Brewing Company
  334. Mana Wheat, Maui Brewing Company
  335. Shock Top Belgian White, Anheuser-Busch (ABInBev)
  336. Lord Chesterfield Ale, Yuengling Brewery
  337. Hefeweizen, Widmer Brothers Brewing
  338. Leila’s Citra Pale Ale, Victoria Ct. Brewing
  339. Merry Monks Belgian-Style Tripel Ale, Weyerbacher Brewing Company
  340. Achel 8º Blond, Brouwerij der Sint-Benedictusabdij de Achelse Kluis
  341. Orval, Brasserie d’Orval
  342. Chimay Bleue (Grande Réserve), Bières de Chimay (Abbaye Notre Dame de Scourmont)
  343. Trappistes Rochefort 10″>Abbey Notre-Dame de Saint-R√©my
  344. Gouden Carolus Tripel, Brouwerij Het Anker
  345. Westmalle Trappist Tripel, Brouwerij Abdij der Trappisten van Westmalle
  346. Schlitz Malt Liquor OML, Pabst Brewing Company
  347. Dos Equis Amber, Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma (Heineken)
  348. India Ale, Samuel Smith Old Brewery (Tadcaster)
  349. Trader Joe’s Vintage Ale (2012), Unibroue
  350. Honey Weiss, Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company
  351. Vienna Lager, Devils Backbone Brewing Company
  352. Newton’s Folly Granny Smith Draft Cider, American Hard Cider Company
  353. Namaste, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
  354. Bunratty Mead, Bunratty Mead and Liqueir
  355. Matilda, Goose Island Beer Company
  356. Auld Acquaintance, The Pike Brewing Company
  357. Diesel, Sixpoint Brewery
  358. Bad Elf, Ridgeway Brewing
  359. Very Bad Elf, Ridgeway Brewing
  360. Duchesse de Bourgogne, Brouwerij Verhaeghe
  361. Shiner Wild Hare Pale Ale, Spoetzl Brewery
  362. Pale Ale (Yellowtail), Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits
  363. Shock Top Honeycrisp Apple Wheat, Anheuser-Busch (ABInBev)
  364. Hibernator, Long Trail Brewing Company
  365. Unfiltered Wheat Beer, Boulevard Brewing Company
  366. Shenandoah Saunter, The Power Point Project
  367. Snow Cap, Pyramid Breweries
  368. Resurrection, The Brewer’s Art
  369. Winter ESB, Schlafly Beer (The Saint Louis Brewery)
  370. Dry Hopped APA (American Pale Ale), Schlafly Beer (The Saint Louis Brewery)
  371. India Pale Ale (IPA), Yards Brewing Company
  372. Guinness Black, Guinness
  373. Chapeau Abricot, Brouwerij De Troch
  374. The Mens Room Original Red, Elysian Brewing Company
  375. Harpoon IPA, Harpoon Brewery
  376. “Evil Twin/Stillwater/Stone””The Perfect Crime””Black Smoked Saison”, Stone Brewing Company
  377. Rich & Dan’s Rye IPA, Harpoon Brewery
  378. Koko Brown, Kona Brewing Company
  379. Pangaea, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
  380. Saranac Big Moose Ale, The Matt Brewing Company (Saranac)
  381. HellRazer IPA, DuClaw Brewing Company
  382. He’Brew Genesis Dry Hopped Session Ale, Shmaltz Brewing Company
  383. Omission Pale Ale, Omission Beer
  384. Rotator IPA: O’Ryely IPA, Widmer Brothers Brewing
  385. Spaten Oktoberfestbier / Oktoberfest Ur-Märzen, Spaten-Franziskaner-Löwenbräu-Gruppe (ABInBev)
  386. IPA, Caldera Brewing
  387. Point The Way IPA, Golden Road Brewing
  388. Dundee India Pale Ale, Genesee Brewing Company
  389. Ruthless Rye IPA (2013), Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
  390. Czech Rebel, Mestansky pivovar Havlickuv Brod
  391. ESB, Redhook Ale Brewery
  392. The Public, DC Brau Brewing Company
  393. Smitten Golden Rye Ale, Bell’s Brewery
  394. Shiner FM 966 Farmhouse Ale, Spoetzl Brewery
  395. Censored Rich Copper Ale (aka The Kronik), Lagunitas Brewing Company
  396. Wyld Organic Extra Pale Ale, Uinta Brewing Company
  397. Mysterium Belgian Spiced Ale, DuClaw Brewing Company
  398. Elephant, Carlsberg Group
  399. Serum xxIPA, DuClaw Brewing Company
  400. 3Beans, Sixpoint Brewery
  401. Mickey’s, Miller Brewing Company
  402. Punk IPA, BrewDog
  403. Sapphire, Brauerei Beck (ABInBev)
  404. Bitburger Premium Pils, Bitburger Braugruppe
  405. Newcastle Founders’ Ale, Caledonian (Heineken)
  406. Eurotrash Pilz, Southern Tier Brewing Company
  407. IPA, Mission Brewery
  408. Redd’s Apple Ale, Redd’s Brewing Company
  409. English IPA, The St. George Brewing Company
  410. Schwartz Bier, Devils Backbone Brewing Company
  411. Saranac Red IPA, The Matt Brewing Company (Saranac)
  412. Tusker Finest Quality Lager, East African Breweries Limited
  413. Samuel Adams Double Agent IPL (India Pale Lager), Boston Beer Company
  414. Samuel Adams Maple Pecan Porter, Boston Beer Company
  415. New Albion Ale, Boston Beer Company
  416. The Love, Starr Hill Brewing Company
  417. Bitter Valentine, Williamsburg AleWerks
  418. Shed Mountain Ale, Otter Creek Brewing (Otter Creek, Wolaver’s)
  419. Porter, The St. George Brewing Company
  420. Organic Hefe-Weizen, Brauerei Pinkus Müller
  421. Sunset Wheat, Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company
  422. Summer Shandy, Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company
  423. Hellhound On My Ale, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
  424. Ticket To Rye, Magic Hat Brewing Company
  425. Sneak Attack, 21st Amendment Brewery
  426. Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve, Blitz-Weinhard Brewing Company
  427. Henry Weinhard’s Redwood Flats Amber, Blitz-Weinhard Brewing Company
  428. Double Bag, Long Trail Brewing Company
  429. Starr Saison, Starr Hill Brewing Company
  430. Double D, Old Dominion Brewing Company
  431. Patriot Pale Ale, RJ Rockers Brewing Company
  432. Conway’s Irish Ale, Great Lakes Brewing Company
  433. Nut Brown Ale, Goose Island Beer Company
  434. Fuggles IPA, Shipyard Brewing Company
  435. Oatmeal Stout, Samuel Smith Old Brewery (Tadcaster)
  436. Tetley’s English Ale, Tetley’s (Carlsberg Group)
  437. Monticello Reserve Ale, Starr Hill Brewing Company
  438. A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale, Lagunitas Brewing Company
  439. Tartan Ale, Port City Brewing
  440. George Killian’s Irish Stout, Coors Brewing Company
  441. Monty Python’s Holy Grail Ale, Black Sheep
  442. Guineu Riner, Ca l’Arenys (Guineu)
  443. Rumspringa, Lancaster Brewing Company
  444. Wexford Irish Cream Ale, Greene King
  445. Milk Stout, Mikkeller
  446. Winter Shredder, Cisco Brewers Inc.
  447. Old #38 Stout, North Coast Brewing Company
  448. Okocim O.K. Beer, Browar Okocim (Carlsberg Group)
  449. Zoe, Maine Beer Company
  450. Cherry Blossom Lager, Old Dominion Brewing Company
  451. Bass Pale Ale, Bass Brewers (ABInBev)
  452. Budweiser Black Crown, Anheuser-Busch (ABInBev)
  453. Fat Tire, New Belgium Brewing Company
  454. Tiger Beer, Asia Pacific Breweries (Singapore)
  455. Longboard Island Lager, Kona Brewing Company
  456. Singha, Boon Rawd Brewery
  457. Sunny Haze, Mother Earth Brewing (NC)
  458. Nero’s Apecchio, Birra Amarcord
  459. Essential Pale Ale, Port City Brewing
  460. Orange Blossom Cream Ale, Buffalo Bill’s Brewery (California)
  461. Optimal Wit, Port City Brewing
  462. Supergoose IPA, Hale’s Ales Brewery
  463. Brewmaster Series Double IPA, Long Trail Brewing Company
  464. Born & Raised, No-Li Brewhouse
  465. Ranger India Pale Ale (IPA), New Belgium Brewing Company
  466. 1775 Tavern Ale, Battle Road Brewing Company
  467. King Crimson, Peak Organic Brewing Company
  468. Mission St. Brown Ale, Steinhaus Brewing Company
  469. Rhizing Bines, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
  470. Hoppy Bock Lager (Hop Kitchen), New Belgium Brewing Company
  471. Evil 8, Blue Mountain Brewery
  472. Twenty Knots, Williamsburg AleWerks
  473. OBX Beer, Weeping Radish Farm Brewery
  474. Jai Alai IPA, Cigar City Brewing
  475. Swing Session Saison, Victory Brewing Company
  476. Hop Notch IPA, Uinta Brewing Company
  477. Leavenworth Boulder Bend Dunkelweizen, Fish Brewing Company
  478. Dubhe Imperial Black IPA, Uinta Brewing Company
  479. Old Thumper, Shipyard Brewing Company
  480. Wheat Ale, Williamsburg AleWerks
  481. Prickly Passion Saison (Lips of Faith), New Belgium Brewing Company
  482. Morning Glory Espresso Stout, Old Dominion Brewing Company
  483. Milk Stout, The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery
  484. Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale, Lagunitas Brewing Company
  485. Strawberry Harvest Lager, Abita Brewing Company
  486. Magners Irish Pear Cider, Magners (C&C Group plc)
  487. Blue Moon Valencia Grove Amber, Coors Brewing Company
  488. Hopfenkönig, Schloss Eggenberg
  489. Samuel Adams Irish Red, Boston Beer Company
  490. Samuel Adams White Lantern, Boston Beer Company
  491. Peeper Ale, Maine Beer Company
  492. Oberon Ale, Bell’s Brewery
  493. Anchor Steam Beer, Anchor Brewing Company
  494. All Day IPA (Session Ale), Founders Brewing Company
  495. Applehead Ale, Shipyard Brewing Company
  496. Rogue Farms Good Chit Pilsner (formerly Chatoe Rogue Good Chit Pilsner), Rogue Ales
  497. Imperial IPA, Green Flash Brewing Company
  498. Crystal Bitter Ale, No-Li Brewhouse
  499. St. Cloud Belgian White, Winery Exchange
  500. Wrigley’s Winter Warmer, Casey’s Brews
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