Sponsorship Funds

We are pleased to announce that matching funds (10% - 25%) can be made available under our CASEY DNA Project for those who qualify. Selection criteria established by Project Sponsors includes (but not limited to) the following:

  1. The recipient, whose DNA is tested, must be a male from a direct line of male CASEY descendants. A female may be a recipient of funds if she is willing to (a) make arrangements with a male CASEY relative to take the test and (b) handle all necessary transactions with that relative.

  2. The recipient should be someone that has been directly involved in researching their CASEY family history, and has good documentation on his/her CASEY ancestor, preferably born before 1800 (prior to 1700 even better).

  3. The recipient should be a descendant of a CASEY family line NOT yet represented in our DNA Project.

  4. Project Sponsors reserve the right to select or not select any funding request, for any reason, including (but not limited to) the availability of funds, insufficient family history, etc..

The CASEY DNA Project, is divided into unique family groups based on the results of DNA testing. The common ancestor for participants in most of these groups, has been identified, based on a combination of traditional research and DNA testing. As new test results come in from the University of Arizona, we anticipate identifying new common ancestors not previously know to participants.

If you have run into a brick wall in researching your CASEY family history and are interested in receiving matching funds to participate in a scientific approach, please complete our online application.