New Analysis of Casey DNA Submissions

Reposted from Robert Casey's 12/16 Email to the CASEY Rootsweb Email List:

I just updated my web site for the Casey DNA project. We now have 30 submissions and already finding out new information about all our lines with only 30 submissions. Here are some highlights:

  1. Proved that Ambler Casey and Jesse E. Casey lines are a distinct branch (exact match at 67 markers with unique marker).

  2. Proved that Ambler Casey and Jesse E. Casey lines are an genetic offshoot of the Abner Casey (mar. Elizabeth Bowen) line.

  3. Found out that a Hanvey submission is an 37 marker match with Abner Casey (mar. Elizabeth Bowen) and probably is adoption of a Casey child.

  4. To date, all submissions with SC and TN roots are probably related within one to four generations with one exception, Elisha Casey (SC).

  5. DNA results do not support that the Henson Casey is the son of Ambler Casey as traditional research has implied.

  6. Determined that one DNA marker separates the SC / TN cluster into two distinct branches with about 50 % in each branch - 460=12 and 460=13

  7. It appears that the Moses Casey (SC) and John Casey (SC) have the least mutated DNA markers. All other lines are branches off these two lines.

  8. It appears that the John Casey (MO) line, the James H. Casey (SC) line and the 460=13 major branch are all branches off the Moses and John Casey lines.

  9. The Henson Casey line has both 460=12 and 460=13. Current information makes it very difficult to place this line. We can not separate genealogical significant mutations from recent mutations (not significant) until a third submission reveals which marker is significant.

  10. A second cluster has formed that includes primarily Casey with recent ties to Ireland. Not all Casey lines with recent Irish ties are part of this cluster. Over time, we will be able to determine relationships of lines found in this cluster.

  11. We have discovered that there are at least five different clusters of Casey lines where there can not be any connections after 1600.

  12. We have determined that the SC / TN cluster and the Irish cluster could share a common ancestor with the name of Casey, however, this would be before 1600. This connection between clusters is very important to both clusters as the common DNA marker must lie somewhere between these two clusters (this influences the choice of the progenitor of each cluster).

Updated analysis of Casey Cluster - Irish

I have updated my Casey DNA analysis in depth for the "Irish" Cluster. This is a major new format (still be radically changed each day) but is much more robust than previous analysis. It is based on the format that I have used in analyzing several clusters in the Brooks Surname Study. It includes an in depth analysis of Irish cluster and provides a DNA Descendancy Chart for this cluster. Comments, questions, corrections are welcome. Here is a link to this new analysis: Descendancy Chart (Irish)