Tested my DNA

I tested my DNA at the Ancestry website, but have not matched anyone. I hope you can help with your Casey lines you have tested. Is there anyway, I can use my DNA results with yours? Thanks for any help.

David Casey

Casey DNA submissions from other DNA companies

David, I would be more than glad to add your submission to my analysis of Casey DNA submissions (www.rcasey.net/casdnaf.htm). You should also upload to Y-Search to let others know about your submission (and others in the Casey FTDNA should do the same). I would also need a ancestor chart of your Casey line, so others will know your line and so that I can document this information which will be used in the DNA analysis. Unfortunately, we can not add your submission into the FTDNA database or use the FTDNA MRCA calculators on your submission. Also, the markers are not the same, so analysis will have less information to work with. But we will definitely make known your markers and your line documented so that others may take advantage of more DNA information that you have.

Upload Your Results to Y-Search

Hi David,

Great question! There is a good online resource for comparing test results from different companies. Go to ysearch.org. You'll be able to create an account for free and enter your DNA results from Ancestry.com. Then you'll be able to compare your results against others who have likewise posted theirs.

Good luck!

Chris Casey