New Casey DNA Results Analysis from Robert Casey

A New Year's gift from Robert Casey, delivered via the Rootsweb Casey mailing list:

We now have six Casey lines where DNA clearly establishes that these lines are connected in the last 200 to 300 years. Two lines from County, Kerry, two lines from County Limerick, one from County Cork and one from western South Carolina. I highly recommend that Casey researchers of southwestern counties of Ireland have their line tested with DNA submissions to determine how all these lines are connected. Of the seven lines tested with ties to southwestern Ireland, six lines have the same DNA fingerprint. One line in County Clare, Ireland is not related - but one line with late 1700s ties to South Carolina is related. Two branches have already emerged: Daniel Casey and Dennis Casey (of County Kerry) form one branch with markers 413A=21 and 444=13. Another branch found is Michael Casey (of County Limerick) and Daniel Casey (of County Cork) with marker 449=29. A very detailed updated analysis (two recent DNA submissions just added) can be found at my web site:

DNA Descendancy Chart (Irish)

Updated DNA reviews at my Casey web site

I have updated the analysis of the SC cluster of Casey - adding two new submissions: Randolph Casey and James G. Casey (believed to related to the Randolph Casey line). I also created a new report on the origins of the Casey surname and how different clusters of Caseys formed. I now believe that all Caseys may descend from one male ancestor and that all genetic variations are probably due to NPE births. I also made significant additions to the ancestors of the Casey DNA submissions (work is still in progress). These are preliminary documents but are full of new information. My web site is All analysis is now being presented in reports in PDF format. Eventually all information will be migrated to these PDF reports and removed from the HTML that currently exists.