mr william henry casey help!

hi my name is Steven peter Casey born 26/08/1966 in Burton on Trent, staffordshire. UK my father is peter paterick Casey born 1946 in Sutton cold-field UK and my grandad obviously my fathers father was born 29 Th of December 1911 and died sometime in 1975 all these members of my family are and were in UK 1 other thing my grandad William Henry Casey married my grandma ms. Mary Helen Richardson who he married in if i'm correct in 1938 in Tamworth right now down to my reason for posting this is im trying to trace my ancestors as far back as possible to find if there is any possibilities of them originating in Ireland or if not where my Casey family originates from and was wondering if anyone can help me in any way i would be most gratefull

Caseys in England

Hi Steve,

Although your ancestry only goes back a couple of generations, you DNA fingerprint will probably connect to one the established surname clusters (groupings of related cousins). If you would go the the Family Tree DNA web site, join the Casey project (to get lower prices) and order a 37 marker test then I could analyze your DNA markers and let you know how you are related to the other 50 Casey submissions. Since Casey is a clan based name, there are very few genetic sources for our surname. Once your marker values become available, I will be glad to analyze the meaning of your DNA when compared to others. You may want to look at my Casey DNA Project web site for more details of what kind of information you might expect to get from a DNA test: