Analysis of Casey DNA (Group 1 - SC & TN lines)

I know that we are all beginners at understanding what these DNA submissions mean and what we should do next. I know that we are all out there trying to analyze these submissions. I will be brave and make a first attempt at an analysis and welcome your comments (be nice but honest):

Senator Casey

Bob Casey won election to the Senate last night in Pennsylvania. Do any of the Casey's here have any family tree connection there?

AP: Roots of Human Family Tree are Shallow

For all of our searching, in the end it seems we are ALL related...

Roots of human family tree are shallow
AP, July 1, 2006

Interview with Family Tree DNA

The CBS affiliate in Tulsa has this video clip on their web site of an interview with Bennett Greenspan of FTdna, and our local news anchor.

I saved a copy (right click, "save target as"). If the link has been taken down before you get a chance to view, I may be able to email to you.

Irish Type III

I recently paid one of my periodic visits to ySearch, to see what new matches I might find there. And much to my surprise, I found a perfect 37-marker match with someone who had the unlikely last name of Irishtypethree. So I sent a message to the contact person, who even more surprisingly for such a close match, wasn't a Casey, but was Dennis Wright. Dennis was quick to reply and he explained that the entry I matched on ySearch was not an individual, but the modal for a cluster of R1b DNA results based in Ireland with certain common markers. We exchanged a few messages, and after a visit to our Casey Surname Project site here, Dennis found many characteristics of the Type III group among our results chart. After letting Dennis know I was interested in sharing his information on our site, and warning him that I would certainly fail to properly describe it, he was kind enough to provide the following:

Results Chart Sub-Groups

Based on results in our chart, comparison using the McGee Y-DNA Utility, and the Most Distant ancestor information included by our members, I've created two member sub-groups in our results chart. I named one by the shared common ancestor, and the other by the apparent common county. Give it a look and let me know what you think. I'm glad to see us collecting enough results for some groupings to begin to emerge.

New Results In!

We've had results for three kits come in today, and there are a number of matches among them. I'll try and get our chart updated on the site by tonight, but don't wait for me, go check out the live results chart on FTDNA. And try cutting and pasting the results into McGee's Y-DNA Comparison Utility, it's very cool.

FTDNA 59 Marker Test

On the FTDNA site today they announced a new 59-marker Y-DNA test. Who's gonna upgrade first?! It's a $99 upgrade from the 37-marker test.

Ysearch Web Site

One service available to members of Family Tree DNA is a web site called Ysearch, which can be found at Ysearch is a free public service offered by FTDNA on which individuals who have had their DNA tested can share their results, and search for matches, regardless of which company did their test. While our surname project is hosted by FTDNA, and it compares results only for Casey's who've been tested at FTDNA, the Ysearch site provides an additional opportunity to share your results and search for matches beyond FTDNA.

It's easy to add your test results to the Ysearch site from FTDNA. See the instructions from the Ysearch site below:

Casey Plots in Chicago

Patrick Casey & FamilyOn my Flickr photostream, I have an album dedicated to 'Family Plots', with a number of Casey headstones included in the bunch. Most are from Chicago area cemeteries.