New Comprehensive Casey DNA Project web site

There is now a new web site that provides a comprehensive analysis of the Casey DNA Project. It includes five summaries of the DNA results, five different sections on analysis, five pages of how to understand DNA analysis, detailed page of project objectives, a page calling for volunteers, a page on how to donate to the project, several pages on summaries of the family histories (information required for DNA analysis), a page of source files and links, page on how to contact the project and a page on why you want to test your DNA:

Tested my DNA

I tested my DNA at the Ancestry website, but have not matched anyone. I hope you can help with your Casey lines you have tested. Is there anyway, I can use my DNA results with yours? Thanks for any help.

David Casey

Casey Gone Rogers

I was talking to my Uncle, and he says, that our family started out in Ireland with the family name Casey, but then our name was changed to Rogers. He said our family were in Quebec Canada before they ended up down in Louisiana. I wondered if maybe there was anything in Ireland's history that might account for the name change?

I know nothing of the Casey Heritage, where in Ireland my ancestors were. I am hoping to learn more.

Michelle Rogers

Contact requested with Irish Type III cluster members

I would like to make contact with all Caseys who are of the Irish Type III cluster.
Of particular interest is the close connections of most of the Caseys on the phylogram chart.
The bulk form one group with a Hanvey showing his close relationship with this group, but there are two Caseys, while still part of the Irish Type III cluster, are quite seperate form the other Caseys.

I am presently in contact with Kit Numbers:-
And I would like to contact Kit numbers:-

Incomplete postings

I would like to request that donors complete the information concerning their oldest known ancestor. Some submissions have nothing at all, and some have no dates or locations. With the repetitive naming that the Caseys used, it it difficult enought to keep them all straight even with complete info. But, with mimimal or no data, it makes for a difficult anaysis. Please! If you have gone to the trouble to submit DNA, finish the process and share enough information so that the rest of us can try to figure out where each donor falls within the family. Thanks!

Unassigned submissions

I am wondering why DNA test #54166 is listed in the results grouping as Unassigned, when it is plainly identified as a descendant of Pleasant Casey of Tennessee. Why is it not grouped with the SC-TN Casey grouping?

Hanvey Casey connection

Kit 51924 reflecting Pleasant Casey has just been upgraded to 67 markers. While the results continue to match Caseys from TN and SC, the only PERFECT match is with one Samuel Hanvey from Ulster (County Down). The Hanvey family arrived in SC about 1766 and lived in all the same places as the Caseys, intermarrying with them over the years. It may be wise to observe this family as we do our Casey research. Perhaps a Hanvey took in an orphaned Casey boy at some point? Perhaps a Casey gem of information is hidden in some of the Hanvey records. If some of you have already made this connection,

Analysis of Casey DNA (Group 1 - SC & TN lines)

I know that we are all beginners at understanding what these DNA submissions mean and what we should do next. I know that we are all out there trying to analyze these submissions. I will be brave and make a first attempt at an analysis and welcome your comments (be nice but honest):

Interview with Family Tree DNA

The CBS affiliate in Tulsa has this video clip on their web site of an interview with Bennett Greenspan of FTdna, and our local news anchor.

I saved a copy (right click, "save target as"). If the link has been taken down before you get a chance to view, I may be able to email to you.

7 Distinct Irish Casey Families

Many years ago I came across a book on the history of Irish Names. In it the author stated that there were 7 distinct Casey families. It also gave the different coat of arms for each of the families. For example, for the family that came from just outside Dublin, their coat of arms was GREEN(!) instead of the familiar red, which adorns this site ( My personal varient would be purple but let's go there). From memory other families where from Limerick (Hospital/ Bluff area ?), Cork and Waterford. I shall have to dig the book out again.

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