About the Project

Project Goals and Objectives

The purpose of the CASEY Surname DNA Project is to provide an opportunity for males with the CASEY surname to participate in a DNA test of 25 or more segments of their Y-chromosome, with the possibility of matching the DNA of other participants and thus establishing a possible genetic link between two or more participants. Female CASEY descendants are encouraged to participate by having a male CASEY relative take the test.

If there is an exact match in all 25 or more chromosome segments tested, then we have a strong probability of a common ancestor within the past 7 generations. With good family history research and documentation, it may even be possible to determine who that common ancestor was.

Tested my DNA

I tested my DNA at the Ancestry website, but have not matched anyone. I hope you can help with your Casey lines you have tested. Is there anyway, I can use my DNA results with yours? Thanks for any help.

David Casey

Casey Gone Rogers

I was talking to my Uncle, and he says, that our family started out in Ireland with the family name Casey, but then our name was changed to Rogers. He said our family were in Quebec Canada before they ended up down in Louisiana. I wondered if maybe there was anything in Ireland's history that might account for the name change?

I know nothing of the Casey Heritage, where in Ireland my ancestors were. I am hoping to learn more.

Michelle Rogers

Incomplete postings

I would like to request that donors complete the information concerning their oldest known ancestor. Some submissions have nothing at all, and some have no dates or locations. With the repetitive naming that the Caseys used, it it difficult enought to keep them all straight even with complete info. But, with mimimal or no data, it makes for a difficult anaysis. Please! If you have gone to the trouble to submit DNA, finish the process and share enough information so that the rest of us can try to figure out where each donor falls within the family. Thanks!

Invitation to Participate

To take the DNA test, you need to be a male with the CASEY surname. Your Y-Chromosome, and that of your father, your brothers, your father's brothers and sons (males with CASEY surname) will be identical (except for rare mutations). If you are female CASEY descendant, encourage your father or brother to take the test if your maiden name is CASEY, otherwise your male CASEY cousins, uncles, etc. will work. Ideally there should be two participants from each branch of your family to allow for unrecorded adoptions, etc. and to verify and confirm each other's test results.

What is the procedure?

Sponsorship Funds

We are pleased to announce that matching funds (10% - 25%) can be made available under our CASEY DNA Project for those who qualify. Selection criteria established by Project Sponsors includes (but not limited to) the following:

  1. The recipient, whose DNA is tested, must be a male from a direct line of male CASEY descendants. A female may be a recipient of funds if she is willing to (a) make arrangements with a male CASEY relative to take the test and (b) handle all necessary transactions with that relative.

  2. The recipient should be someone that has been directly involved in researching their CASEY family history, and has good documentation on his/her CASEY ancestor, preferably born before 1800 (prior to 1700 even better).

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