Welcome to the CASEY Surname DNA Project

When traditional methods of research finally hit that "brick wall," Y-chromosome DNA testing may help in identifying new branches of your family tree. The CASEY Surname DNA Project, one of over 200 surname projects in the U. S., was created to take advantage of this new scientific approach, in an attempt to determine which CASEY family groups are related and have common ancestors.

Scientists have discovered that the DNA in the y-chromosome, found only in males, is passed from father to son, virtually unchanged, except for rare (and random) mutations. By testing these chromosome segments, it is possible to determine if two or more living males are related, and approximately when they had a common ancestor.

FamilyTreeDNA, in conjunction with the University of Arizona, has been selected as the vendor for this project. It is recommended that you view their website at: FamilyTreeDNA.com and become familiar with their methods of research.

If you are a male, with the surname of CASEY, you are invited to participate in this project.


Hi Chris,
One suggetion may be to put a notice on the message boards of various areas where Caseys have lived. For Instance, My Casey line came from Cork County,Ireland and emiigrated to Charlotte County New Brunswick.They then immigrated to Massachusetts. I know of at least 12 casey lines in New Brunswick and neighboring Washington and Aroostock counties in Maine.Many of these Caseys that arrived in new Brunswick between 1830-1860 later moved west to Minnesota,Wisconsin,California,etc. Nova Scotia, NewFoundland, and Ontario also have a lot of Caseys, as well as every county in Ireland.